Friday, October 11, 2013

Bic meets Submariner and Kas

One of my favourite remixes of a local tune is Bic Runga's Something Good, remixed by the Submariner (Andy Morton). It appeared as a bonus track on Bic's CD single for Something Good way back in 2002.

The Submariner is responsible for several hugely important records here, including early groundbreaking work by the likes of hiphop MCs like King Kapisi, Che Fu, and Ermehn. He had contributed keys, programming, and engineering to a few tracks on Bic Runga’s 2002 album Beautiful Collision. Read more about him over at Audioculture.

In 2004 he produced Break It To Pieces, the critically acclaimed debut album by Kas Futialo, aka Tha Feelstyle - he raps in Samoan and English on this album. Kas had previously worked under the name The Field Style Orator, and featured on this remix billed as that.

Submariner has also done some great remixes for Mark de Clive Lowe, Julien Dyne, Rhombus, Che Fu, Nathan Haines, Recloose, and more - check the Soundcloud tunes here.

I've been wanting to put this remix on Youtube for a while, and then recently I saw Robyn Gallagher write about Bic's video for the original song, as part of her fantastic 5000 Ways project, reviewing every NZ On Air music video  - go take a look if you haven't seen this site.

I had an idea. I grabbed a copy of the video, chopped and hacked it up on an ancient iMac and found an old video of The Field Style Orator and included a few grabs from that. Added some breakdancing, cause it's about time Bic had some b-boy action in one of her videos. Kidding. Love your, work Bic. Please don't sue me.

Source videos below....

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