Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Where the words are vodka clear: Chad turns Green

In which noted author Chad Taylor revisits his previous life as a scribe for Mr Murray Cammick at RIU Towers. Here's his 1988 interview with Green Gartside of Scritti Politti, talking up their album Provision, featuring guest spots from Miles Davis and Roger Troutman...

"Were we interested in getting big names to glamourise our project we could have, for whatever reason -- it and still mystifies me a bit -- we could have got an awful lot of well-established Americans to appear on the record. But Roger Troutman and Miles were the only two people that we wanted.

"Miles is a little bit scary and little bit different, but once we got talking to him and met him on subsequent occasions we found him to be quite charming and very nice to us, and very supportive. He does have a very elliptical and peculiar way of going about things but he's not as crazy as people think by any means. He really is straight these days. He doesn't drink or do drugs or do anything else. He drinks his herbal tea and has his injections of lamb hormones or whatever. He's a regular guy."

Go read this... because Scritti Politti made one of the greatest albums of the 80s. Cupid and Psyche. Still own my copy on vinyl, AND all the 12"s off it. Absolute, Wood Beez, The Word Girl...

TWICE AS NICE.... wanna hear the b side?

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