Wednesday, September 11, 2013

New Clash doco

The Clash: Audio Ammunition YouTube documentary includes unseen Joe Strummer interview footage - The Guardian.

".... We try to do at least one of these a quarter, although we don't always pull out all the stops for a mega production like this," says Tim Quirk, who as Google's head of global content programming, oversaw the project, which was a collaboration with the band and label Sony Music.

"We'd been talking to Sony for a long time about what we might do, but the moment a lightbulb went off over my head was when they told me they'd uncovered lots of unseen, unused interview footage with Joe Strummer," says Quirk.

"I thought 'oh, 15-20 minutes, that's fine, I can get 3-4 usable minutes out of that'. But it was hours and hours: more than two dozen DVDs..."

The unseen Strummer footage is culled from interviews done in 2000 for Don Letts' doco Westway to the world. Shame The Guardian used a photo of The Clash without Topper tho. Weird. EDIT they've changed the photo, was originally this one, with Pete Howard.

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