Saturday, September 07, 2013

It's Cassette Store Day!

Some of my cassettes, incl several cassette-only releases

Cassette Store Day is today. It's a spin off from Record Store Day, tho the organisers of that have disassociated themselves from it. Odd. See From Vintage replay, it's cassette store day (Chicago Sun Times)

I bought a cassette deck last year off Trademe for the grand sum of $13, to digitise some old cassettes. That photo above is some of the cassettes I pulled out from storage, mainly mid 1990s releases. Roger Sings The Hits was a handful of Flying Nun bands (JPSE, SJF etc) covering other Nun acts, recorded in one day - September 19, 1991 - at Incubator Studio (now Studio 223) on Symond  St.

It was a limited run of 500 and only available for sale at Flying Nun's 10th anniversary gig at the Powerstation the following night, on Sept 20, 1991.

Then there's BFM's tape of Dad's Tips. And bottom left is a cool post punk Wellington outfit called Neoteric Tribesmen. Above them is the second album from Projector Mix (aka Mike Hodgson later in Pitch Black). That album is getting a digital reissue soon. Yay!

Here's one cassette I digitised, a wicked DLT remix of Teremoana's Four Women song.

Bonus: Letter from Radio With Pictures producer Peter Blake rejecting a video by The Neoteric Tribemen that featured use of the word 'shit'. Source: Up The Punks.

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thevilmoriarty said...

Neoteric Tribesmen/Condemned Sector are planning a reunion gig in Wellington between Christmas and new year this year.