Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Chop chop

From Rappcats: "We’ve been hearing the sounds of Chop (formerly “Mr. Chop”) for some time – from his first EP on Now-Again, the retro-futuristic Lightworlds, to his work on DOOM’s Born Like This, to his reworkings of Pete Rock’s hip hop classics on For Pete’s Sake. He’s got a new album: Illuminate on Now-Again.

Chop’s studio is a temple to gear the likes of which is fetishized on message board posts by those who master your favorite musician’s album, and it’s located on a dirt road, abutting an estuary in Northern England.

Chop just loves him some crazy gear and some weird processes to make music: those processes lead to the types of tunes you hear in this mix – which draws from Illuminate, and previously unreleased Chop music. Featuring the usual lot of Chop collaborators, including The Heliocentrics Malcolm Catto."

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