Friday, August 16, 2013

Wax hoarder

Via Fact Mag: "Canada’s Apollo Music has shared a glimpse into the “hoarder house,” a true-to-its-name collection of 250,000 records which the company purchased last year. “When we first go there we couldn't even get through the doorways!” they write. “It took us 6 months to pack and remove all the records from the house!” More photos over here.

Apollo Music say "The two storey house was filled to the brim by a 68 year old collector who had lived in the house since his childhood. He passed away in 2011 and the family was shocked at what they discovered. They soon realized why they had never been invited over and why he had been so reclusive.

His Car was filled to the brim with records and the family suspected that he had been sleeping there over the last few years, as it was impossible to enter the house. The Bathroom and shower were also full of Records. We didn't know it was the bathroom until we came upon a toilet.

The Family tried to sell the house as is, but found it difficult and general word of mouth led them to call Apollo (he had previously been a customer). At first glance, we wanted to “Pass on it” as it looked like a nightmare, but we knew the collector well and figured there could be something worthwhile under all that.

It was actually fairly clean, overall, other than the piles of dust from over the years.

What kind of records are they?

ALL kinds. While he combed thrift shops and bought anything interesting to him over the last 10 years, the older stuff showed he also bought a variety of Rock and Rockabilly & Elvis records (His favorite) back in the 50s and 60s and kept them on shelves in pristine condition.

The best thing there? The 45′s, about 20,000 on shelves, mostly all original ‘as new’ store stock Rock & roll & Rockabilly, and oddball stuff, plus hundreds of Pristine EPs ranging from Elvis, Ricky Nelson, Country Artists, to the Rare Carl Perkins Columbia EP..."

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