Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Spark it up: 94 NZ hiphop

Here comes 26 minutes of rare footage from Big Day Out 1994, courtesy of Deepgrooves. Live snippets of Urban Disturbance (feat Zane Lowe) dropping No Flint No Flame, my man Bobbylon joins 3 The Hard Way for Hiphop Holiday (at 11.21) and there's "Damn Native, Joint Force [doing Nightmare Man] and the Pacifikan Descendants amongst others. We also see an array of who's who in the local Hip Hop scene backstage along with other familiar faces, Mr. Chris Sinclair, Mr. Nathan Haines to name a couple."

Follow the link for an interesting commentary on local hiphop in the 90s and the label's take on the Hiphop Holiday controversy ...

Screengrab: Bobbylon with 3 The Hard Way, at Big Day Out 1994.

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