Friday, August 09, 2013

Rip It Up sold

Via TV3News (hat tip to The Corner): Rip It Up magazine has been sold by Satellite Media to Groove Guide publisher Grant Hislop. "A 20-year veteran of the New Zealand music industry, Mr Hislop also owns Groove Guide Magazine and was a co-founder of RadioWorks and The Rock radio station. Hark Music manages the bands Goodshirt and Sherpa.

Originally released as a free publication, Rip It Up is bi-monthly magazine covering music, lifestyle and entertainment. It was founded in 1977 by Murray Cammick and has a readership of 89,000 people."

Hislop rescued Groove Guide in 2011 after its previous owner, Tangible Media, shut it down as being unsustainable. They had also closed its sister magazine, Real Groove. 

Updated August 19: Via The Corner... "Speaking to Radio New Zealand, Hislop said that the new Rip It Up will follow a similar model to fellow street press magazine Groove Guide – it’ll be published monthly, a change from the current bi-monthly release, and will be distributed for free throughout the country.

Current editor Leonie Hayden won’t be joining the team; instead the magazine will be driven by the editorial team at Groove Guide which includes Grant Hislop, Tyler Hislop and designer Greta Gotlieb. The new look will be A4 and about 80 pages in length with a print run of 20,000 copies per issue."

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