Friday, August 30, 2013

Dubdotdash turns ten!

I have no idea quite how this happened, but August marks the tenth birthday of my blog. Wow.

I never really had any great ambitions for my blog - it started off as a way for me to keep my hand in doing some writing, after I ditched magazine journalism in the early 2000s. It grew into this musical scrapbook that I throw ideas at, and now it gets about 12,000 to 15,000 unique visits a month, on average.

About a third of my readers come from NZ, a third from the US, and the rest from around the globe. It's really gratifying hearing people tell me they discovered new music via my blog. 

Thanks for the support, interwebs peeps!

Here's some virtual cake. Enjoy.


Stinky Jim said...

congratubloodylations Peter. Job well done and continuing in that fashion, long may it do so. You rule!

Peter McLennan said...

some messages from Facebook:

Jason Fishwick: Congrats fella always bringing the freshness from overseas and one of the few spreading the word on the real NZ music scene

Russell Brown: Congrats, Peter. I understand the commitment in keeping up a blog for a decade. Heres to the next 10!

Ayesha Kee: Legend!! thanks for sharing your knowledge!

Robyn Gallagher: Nice one! Dubdotdash has been a valuable resource for me doing 5000 Ways stuff, but apart from that, I just really enjoy it!

Brett Omega B Wagner: Congrats. Always a great read.

Jen Ferguson: 10 years! Wow, now I feel old... Been proud to have had you on the blogroll for that decade, sir.

Gregg Harper: I've come across many good reads/watches/listens on your blog, Peter. Please keep up the great work, it's appreciated.

Bob Daktari: happy 10th and keep dancing

Vera Alves: DUDE! Congratulations! A whole decade! You must really like this music thing!

Annie Mills: You've put me on to lots of great music over the years through your blog - it's been a great resource while living overseas. Xie xie and arigato!

Paul Brislen: Happy birthday. A decade's worth of publishing is something to be celebrated, to put it mildly.

Andrew Long: I might've been reading it for almost that long. Geesh!

Kọla Ògundípẹ: Well done, well deserved and always worth a visit

Murray Cammick: Did I hear someone say, "Cake"?