Thursday, August 15, 2013

BDO 97 mini-documentary

Big Day Out 2014 tickets went on sale on Monday, they sold 10,000 early bird tickets in 45 minutes, then released a further 10,000. Obviously the lineup has attracted some solid interest, which is great news for the promoters. They got the mix of acts right for their audience.

Flashback to late 1996... The local organisers for the Big Day Out announced that the 1997 BDO may well be the last one in Auckland. This may or may not have been done to help sell tickets, but of course, the BDO did came back.

I decided to make a documentary on the so-called 'last' BDO, and borrowed a video camera from work. I shot lots of local bands - Fontanelle (w Mikey Havoc), DLT and the True School (Che Fu, Danny D, Asterix, Slave), Tall Dwarfs, Thorazine Shuffle, Bailter Space etc.

Watch out for BFM folks Gemma Gracewood, Nick D'Angelo, and the voices of Hugh Sundae and Bob Kerrigan, amongst others. And lots of loose unit punters.

Director/camera/editor: Peter McLennan, camera/interviewer: Adrianne Rikihana, radio broadcasts from the BDO courtesy of BFM.

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