Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Vinyl is making a comeback #264

Rustic fruit crates containing vinyls. Photo: Sofi Donuts.
From East London Lines: "Vinyl making a comeback: Women open vinyl library"

"... The Vinyl Library is a place to share, experience and borrow second-hand records. Located in Stoke Newington, with a growing team of enthusiastic volunteers, a rapidly expanding catalogue and records donated from as far as Brazil, The Vinyl Library is set to become the first of its kind. But it is no trend; the concept is routed in the community and aimed at youngsters and well-worn enthusiasts alike.

The not-for-profit enterprise, set-up by mod librarians Sophie Austin, 29, and Elly Rendall, 27, relies on donations from members of the public. Anyone can join and get access by donating vinyl or paying a membership fee. “We want to create a sharing space for people to learn from one another by exploring vinyl”, says Austin and Rendall..."

At Torrance's P.M. Sounds, where owner Erving Johnson has the phrase "specializing in vinyl" emblazoned on his business card, records never truly went away.

He opened the doors of his modest Old Torrance storefront on Sartori Avenue in 1997, specializing in 1950s- and 1960s-era jazz, rhythm and blues, and rock, just as compact discs began to swamp the once flourishing vinyl industry....

..."A lot of younger kids are getting into vinyl," Johnson said. "I'm getting a lot of younger customers. Older customers are bringing in their kids, the kids getting into their parents' record collections and wanting to get into vinyl. I find that interesting because they've got downloads, everything is instant, but they come in and want vinyl."

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