Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Fuemana filmed has posted up some great footage of the late Phil Fuemana, out-takes from a video shoot for a Dei Hamo music video...

"This footage showing MR. PHILLIP FUEMANA doing backing vocal duties is actually from an early unreleased (might be the first) DEI HAMO clip which, from memory somehow came around the same time as the Papa Pacific / Wireless Studio deal. We don't have the original song, but it may be on a KIWI HITS DISC released in nineteen ninety six, which was when this was shot. From memory this was shot in ALBERT PARK. Note, what appears to be an early LOST TRIBE logo on the back of MR. JOHNNY SAGALA's jacket.
Anyway, it was nice to see Phil again. The music backing track (I LOVE YOU - Originally released as an acoustic track on the CLOSER single) was one of our favourite's and we were once working to remix and release as a Fuemana single ..... many years ago."

I wrote a piece on Phil Fuemana at Audioculture. Lots of great photos too. Take a look.

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