Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Drummer boy

Lole, Johnny Sagala (later of Lost Tribe) and Ermehn collaborate on a tune produced by Phil Fuemana, for Papa Pacific Records. Lole got picked up by Deepgrooves when Papa Pacific folded, and apparently recorded an album's worth of material with John Oz (Freaker) for the label. More on this track at deepgrooves site.

Info from the Deepgrooves site, dated July 6 2013 (site now deleted)

"LOLE, Johnny and Ermehn front this MR. PHILLIP FUEMANA produced track, probably from 1994. This was originally part of the Pap Pscific Label co-founded by Deepgrooves co-founder MR. MARK TIERNEY. When Kaiun Digital purchased STRAWPEOPLE'S Wireless Studios (Based in Mr. Massey's old 228 Studio apartment, which in turn became the Stamp Offices then Wireless Studios), one of the conditions (Mr. Tierney loved doing these deals and we loved him for it) was that Deepgrooves would need to complete, release and distribute a number of uncompleted Papa Pacific projects.

ERMEHN was already on Deepgrooves, and from memory the incredibly talented Sagala brothers were very accommodating, too nice really. We were struggling to cope with the volume of artists we were already working, but we stuck to the arrangement and completed the Lole project and video and released it. We weren't asked to sign any of the artists to furture recording deals nor did we, we simply assumed control of the various half completed projects and completed those for the artists that wanted to be released. 

Although it should be noted, we did match up Lole with the talented Mr. John Oz (KIA KOE album live musical coordinator) and together they did produce an albums worth of material, in varying degrees of completion. In some boxes from this deal we have recently found a MR. SANI SAGALA (Now a multidisciplined megastar) single and video that he worked on in the mid nineties, not released to our knowledge. From memory MR. JOHNNY SAGALA had a single ready to go as well, but we think he went solo with that and in this video you can see what an absolutely dynamic artist and performer he is. The man's amazing.

We would (sort of) work with MR. JOHNNY SAGALA again, when MR. PHILLIP FUEMANA recorded and produced the PIONEERS OF A PASIFICAN FRONTIER at Kaiun Digital. From memory I think we even edited the LOST TRIBES - "SUMMER IN THE WINTER" video.

NB: The internal scenes in the video were shot in the old 228 Queen Street Studio."

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