Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Don't sleep

Doug Short. Photo: Ryan Lowry

"After selling out of his first 7” release in just under one week, Cherries Records brings back Doug Shorts for their fifth release with ‘Don’t Sleep On My Love’ b/w ‘Bet I’ll Know The Next Time’.

‘Funkland’, the basement of Doug Shorts’ Southside Chicago home, is the space where he creates his signature raw sound of deep melodies and timeless lyrics in songs of love and life. It was over a decade ago where Doug and fellow Masterplan Inc. member Archie Brooks wrote Bet I’ll Know the Next Time, a self-promise to use the wisdom from past mistakes to better prepare for a second chance at love, as “the world is strange, full of love games”.

With a definitive ‘B’ side Chicago blues/gospel feel, the melodic organ riffs compliment the hard-hitting drum machine beats, creating a modern day inspirational hymn. The midtempo r&b ‘A’ side, Don’t Sleep On My Love, showcases Doug’s cool demeanor and clever word play, warning his love not to take him for granted. ‘Wake up and smell the coffee, ‘cause you can’t do without me. Don’t sleep on my love’.

Shorts has been singing since the late 60s with harmony groups The Visitors and Shades Of Brown, and went on to form his funk outfit Masterplan Inc. Independently, they released two extremely rare 7” singles, now being sought out by many funk music collectors. A large portion of the band’s 70’s previously unreleased recordings will soon be released on UK label Jazzman/Fryers & Chicago label The Numero Group."

There's a great indepth interview with Doug Shorts over at the Chicago Reader, take a look

‘Don’t Sleep On My Love’ b/w ‘Bet I’ll Know The Next Time’ will be available on 7" vinyl/MP3 on Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013 at

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