Friday, July 05, 2013

DG re-up

From the revived Deepgrooves website...

"It may have taken a while but we are finally making progress. The following 10 Deepgrooves albums have been digitally remastered, had bonus tracks added (where applicable) and are now available online via Xbox and about nine other downloading, streaming and iRadio services.

"We are currently working to have the rest of our "released" catalog remastered and online as soon as possible. The Urban Disturbance album is starting to turn into Sandinista.

"As previously mentioned, we are also planning to release a number of albums that did not get physical releases back in the day. PAUSE, CINEMA, INSTRUMENTAL KILLERS VOL2 to name but a few. We are also working on two completely new albums for release in 2014. We encourage all assocaited [sic] artists to email us and update us with their current contact details." Email is

• Came A Weird Way [New Loungehead]
• Kia Koe [Sulata]
• Instrumental Killers Vol 1 [compilation]
• Black Sand Shore [Grace]
• Samoans Part 2 [Ermehn]
• Found In You [Jules Issa]
• Deepgrooves 95 [compilation]
• New Urban Polynesian [Fuemana]
• Sofa So Good [compilation]
• Deepgrooves (Original 1991 Release) [compilation]

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