Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Chop chop!

The artist formerly known as Mr Chop drops his brand new album, Illuminate, thru Now Again on August 13.

His debut came out back in 2009: For Pete's Sake was a great, synth heavy, dirty reworking of the music of Pete Rock. Since then he's released several EPs and a few more albums, including 2011's Switched On, which featured funky, Moog-driven covers of Giving up food for funk, Blow your head, Greedy G, and Can's Vitamin C amongst others. 

Free download at Now Again (MP3 link): Chop “Building Blocks”

Via The Quietus: "In advance of the album's release, he's recorded an exclusive mix [for The Quietus] that offers some sonic co-ordinates to help plot the album's course, taking the listener on a jagged journey all the way from Broadcast to the uneasy thrum of Suicide, kosmische flavours from Popol Vuh and Cluster, Alexander Robotnik and many more. You can listen to it via the embed below...

"Illuminate finds Littler further plumbing the sort of depths that this mix hints towards. He runs the Cheshire-based Ape Recording Studios, packed with analogue and vintage synthesisers plus a host of other gear, and for the album - which first began taking shape not long after the release of his first EP - he ensconced himself within the studio across the course of three years ... The resulting album riffs on jazz, cosmic synth music and the futurist impulses of early Detroit techno (especially in his near-maniacal, robotic vocal barks), among many other things."

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