Friday, July 26, 2013

Another brother

King Britt and co are doing something very cool to John Sayles' 1984 film The Brother From Another Planet.

"The Brother From Another Planet (re-contextualized) is a concept idea to provide a more abstract view of the cult classic. Using advanced visual remixing techniques, we intend to deconstruct the viewpoint into a more freeform storyline, which the audience can interpret in their way.

Jason Senk will drive the visuals. Simultaneously, Afrofuture instrumentalists, King Britt, Damon Bennett, Anthony Tidd and Marlo Reynolds, will improvise a live score, while the visuals are deconstructed, allowing for a very open and spacious sonic environment.

Using a combination of analog and digital electronic instruments to build the musical palette. This is an in the moment experience and will only happen once. 100% improvised and free from construct."

Happening at The Black Star Film Festival in Philly, August 2. Watch the original trailer below....

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