Friday, June 07, 2013

New Colm K

Brand new bizz from Bastard Jazz, from Ireland's own Colm K. Check it!

"Bastard Jazz is proud to present The Love EP from Cork, Ireland based DJ and producer Colm K. Colm, a 2004 graduate of the Red Bull Music Academy, has been making waves for a few years now with his debut, Basics 12” for Bastard Jazz, a 7” and a 10” released on sublabel BSTRD Boots (the latter of which is sold out and regularly changes hands for upwards of $50 on eBay), and recently shared billing with Mr. Scruff on a Hypnotic Brass Ensemble remix 12” on Choice Cuts.

Here on The Love EP, Colm’s musical vision has truly matured on a fully realised 12” that draws on such disparate influences as Herbie Hancock, 80’s boogie, J-Dilla, vintage House music, Floating Points and Q-Tip productions."

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