Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mo betta read

This sounds like awesome reading - need it!

Mo’ Meta Blues: The World According to Questlove
by Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson and Ben Greenman (Grand Central Publishing)

"Sometimes, you can tell a book by its cover. David Cowles’ Questlove-centric riff on Milton Glaser’s famous 1966 Bob Dylan poster is awesome, and the book by the big-haired, multi-talented Roots drummer backs it up.

Writing in a conversational style, Questlove — who says he started playing drums at 2 — explains his childhood (and everything that followed) like this: “If you take an inner city ghetto where there’s crime and violence and drugs — and there was all that around us all the time — the last thing you think you’re going to find is a family that’s teaching its afro’d four-year-old son the difference between Carole King’s original ‘It’s Too Late’ and the Isley Brothers’ version, which is this ten-and-a-half-minute blues-rock epic that opens up side two of their 1972 album “Brother, Brother, Brother.”

Via NYPost Required Reading.

ADDED Some reviews on the book, via Amazon...

"Attention White Girls: Stop reading about vampires and read what Questlove has to say instead. Mo' Meta Blues is a magical kaleidoscope about a high concept, low maintenance genius named Ahmir. Like him, it's smart, funny, sweet and in a thousand places at once. Read it or rot on your vine."
- Amy Poehler

"Questlove is an artistic giant and spiritual genius whose roots go back to Curtis Mayfield and so many others. This book is a gem to read and a joy to feel! Don't miss it!"
- Dr Cornel West

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