Thursday, May 09, 2013

NZ album cover art

I got asked to choose my fave cover art from a NZ artist by Design Assembly's Carol Green - she's pulled together a great post on local cover art, here. There's selections from Russell Brown, Jonathan Ganley, Robyn Gallagher, Silke Hartung, Martyn Pepperell, and more. Despite the over-abundance of Flying Nun on that list, there's some good stuff in there...

Here's the three album covers I managed to narrow it down to, plus one that didn't make it in... What's your fave NZ album cover?

Whats’ Be Happen? by Herbs. “Their 1981 debut album, with a dramatic cover photo of the police evicting protestors off Bastion Point, in 1978… made a bold statement about where Herbs were at politically, at a time when Māori land rights were only just coming to wider attention.”

Pot Pourri by the Howard Morrison Quartet (1960). “I first saw this on the back cover of the book Stranded in Paradise: New Zealand rock’n'roll, 1955-1988 by John Dix. It’s such a great set up for a photo shoot.”

Poi E by the Patea Māori Club (1987). “The album apparently took so long to come out because they were waiting on the cover art, drawings by Joe Wylie, from the animated movie Maui.”

Here's a few extra photos - the inner gatefold for Poi-e, - spot Linda Evans (Dynasty) and Rolf Harris with Dalvanius (click photo to enlarge)... and Haka And Song, such a beautifully arranged combo of image and typography. The bottom pic is the original record label for Patea Maori Club's releases.

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Alan Perrott said...

I'd toss in Dragon's Sunshine

and the Neketini Brass