Monday, May 13, 2013

Bobby talks

Murray Cammick pulled together this cool ad for (from yesterday's SST) the upcoming Bobby Womack show this Saturday at the mighty Civic Theatre.

He also landed an interview with Womack, broadcast on BFM last Friday, listen to it - Part one, Part two. Womack talks about driving Janis Joplin home from the studio one time, and she asked him what sort of car he had, and he told her - a Mercedes Benz. She starts saying "Wow, I wish I had  Mercedezs Benz..."  and got an idea for a song off that and made Womack drive her back to the studio, and dragged him inside to play guitar - he thought she was crazy, but went along and she wrote her song Mercedes Benz.

He also talks about his friend Sly Stone, and how he hooked up with the Gorillaz, after his daughter kept telling him how cool they were.

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