Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Sulata - Mancini video

So, why was the song called Mancini, isn't it an odd name for a single?

Sulata told NZ Herald's Graham Reid in 1997... “Yeah, Henry Mancini, it’s true. There’s a sample from one of his tracks and I just thought, Mancini. Everyone said it was too tacky a title, but I didn't care, I wanted it. But I've had a lot of Island people saying ‘What’s that track Man – seen?’" she laughs.

Video dates from 1996 approx, directed by Kane Massey, shot at Alba Cafe in Lorne st (now Sheinkin) next door to the Deepgrooves offices. Released as a single on Deepgrooves, off Sulata's 1997 album Kia Koe.

Song written by Sulata and Simon Holloway. Musicians on the recording include Luke Casey, Nathan Haines, Kingsley Melhuish, Levani Vesasi, Steve Harrop. Spot the cameos in the video from Ermehn and Oli Green (Urban Disturbance).

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