Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Girls can't rap says non-rap DJ

Dominic Harvey is a radio DJ on Mediaworks station The Edge. After watching X-Factor he's decided girls can't rap.

Unsurprisingly, this got a fairly heated reaction on Twitter. Fellow Mediaworks DJ on George FM Nick D tweeted to Dom "maybe a few of us should loan you a couple of history books, you know - bit of light reading might help xxx."

Dom replied "All good mate.  Don't sweat the small stuff."

@missmoxiemoo said :"the small stuff holding sexist views and then defending them because as you said, women are a minority?"

Coco Solid (female local rapper) joined in, saying: "Girls rapping is the best idea and saved my life. Sorry to Marathon Man @DomHarvey who lets face it, I could outsmart on quaaludes."

The Edge's Facebook page is attracting a lot of comments from women who didn't take kindly to Dom's casual sexism.  To their credit, they've left the criticism up, and not deleted it. EDIT  - just checked The Edge's FB page again, they've deleted all the negative posts about Dom (about a dozen of them), bar one.There were a number of posts of folk posting videos of their fave female rappers, all gone.

Dom was last in the news after he lost a bet and had to march in the Pride Parade.“Poor Dom had to walk in Auckland's Pride Parade today in a gold G-String after losing 'Would You Rather?” a post on The Edge’s Facebook page reads... "

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