Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Enter the Wu Tang 20th anniversary

From Potholes in my blog: " Twenty years ago, perhaps one of the most influential hip-hop albums of all time dropped. Enter the Wu-Tang was not only a successful selling album, but it set in motion several solo careers that would go on to shape the sound of NYC hip-hop.

Today, to celebrate the the impact of the original Wu-Tang album, NPR brings on the RZA to speak on the group and signing their unique major label deal. As RZA describes their sound as a “home-cooked meal of hip-hop,” this is yet another introspective look into one of our favorite groups.

Beyond that, RZA talks about his “20-year-plan”, which spotlights the longevity and genius of this powerful group. And, who knows, maybe the 20-year-plan will be wrapped up with one last album with all the members. Minus ODB, of course."

Stream the feature at NPR.

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