Friday, April 05, 2013

Christoph El Truento: Galaxy 500

Christoph el Truento

You may have already heard this, but this is the first time an instrumental track has topped the Audience's unreleased charts and scored an NZOA grant. And it's an extremely cool track (free download too), built around Truento rattling his car keys and recording it, then pulling in Julien Dyne and Isaac Aesili (both ex Opensouls). He also quietly dropped his debut album recently too, that's up on Bandcamp as a name-your-price deal...

From The Audience: "Christoph El Truento is a 24 year old from Auckland, and the first producer/beatmaker to secure NZ On Air Wildcard Making Tracks funding from

Joining via the music site’s Discover feature, curator Martyn Pepperell championed Christoph El Truento’s track ‘G a l a x y’, and it wasn't long before many others were too.

“I never thought it would happen, I was even apprehensive right till the very last second. When I signed up I didn't think much of it until I noticed I was sitting at #4 and then #3 on the chart. I realised it was something I could maybe make work.”

After a very tight race between the Top 3 artists, Christoph El Truento finished the March chart month at #1, with Gainsford and Chess Countess close behind.

This #1 placing sees Christoph El Truento take home the NZ On Air Wildcard Making Tracks funding, which will go towards recording the single and producing a video.He's now the eighth recipient of the NZ On Air Wild Card Making Tracks funding.

Excited by the result Christoph El Truento went on to say, “I hope it inspires other people in my situation… that more bedroom music producers sign up and apply for funding more often. We need more funding and it's totally possible, a lot of musicians don't realise what they're capable of."

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