Tuesday, April 02, 2013

American Gypsy - The champ

American Gypsy started out in LA in 1971, then headed off for a two year tour of Spain, and ended up settling in Amsterdam, Holland, where they cut a few albums (in 1974 and 1981), and a bunch of singles. This is one of their 80s jams - a mate of mine recently scored a copy of this on 12" (on Break Records outta Katwijk, Holland), with a dynamite 'instrumental dub version on the flip. It's gold. This version above is pretty tasty too. Free DL.

Discogs: American Gypsy discography

a handy playlist, starts with a very odd live clip off Dutch TV...


BiG HoE said...

The guy in the bed looks like Gary Glitter!?#

Peter McLennan said...

The video credits the guy on the bed as Alvin Stardust