Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Danse Macabre/Penknife Glides live

Andrew Tidball of Cheese On Toast mentions on COT that he got a phone call during his radio show on BFM last night from Nigel Russell wanting "to share his fond memories of the Box and Cause Celebre – the building of which was torn down (they were having his wedding reception there and also seeing Ice-T play live there).He then mentioned that DANSE MACABRE were playing a reunion show on May 11th at Kings Arms with PENKNIFE GLIDES"

Danse Macabre played a fantastic reunion show in 2005 at the Kings Arms to coincide with the cd reissue of their recordings.That was the first time they've played together since the band spilt in 1982, as far as I know. Watch video of that show here.

Danse Macabre and Penknife Glides toured together back in the day - on the video below for Web, Cliff Skeats of Penknife Glides recalls this in the comments... "Ah yes, NZ in 1981....The Positive Reaction tour with Penknife Glides, (quickly renamed The Positive Fiasco Tour by the two bands). Confronted by numerous empty venues and surviving on World War 2 food rations while Dave Dobbyn was probably topping the charts!"

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