Friday, March 29, 2013

360 book out now

I wrote a piece for a book put together by Andrew Dubber which came out recently, take a look... called The 360 Deal: genuinely helpful advice for people starting out in the music industry. 

"New Music Strategies has brought together some of the most forward-thinking musicians and industry people to each contribute 360 words outlining the best advice they can give to young musicians and new music industry workers. The advice they themselves would want to hear if they were just getting started in music now.

Rock star or professor, DJ or classical violinist, record label exec or community music worker - here's a group of people who have been where you’re at in one way or another, they know a bit about what lies ahead, and they have useful knowledge to share.

All proceeds from The 360 Deal go to Music Basti - a youth-led charity in India which brings music workshops to homes for children affected by extreme poverty."

Includes pieces by a range of names, like Andrew Dubber, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, Mark de Clive-Lowe, Derek Sivers, Chris Anderton, and some locals like Mark Roach, Brendan Smyth, Tom Atkinson, Gareth Farry, Mike Chunn, Simon Grigg, Trevor Reekie, yours truly, and more... You can download a sample PDF here.

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