Friday, February 22, 2013

Fat Freddys live - Mother Mother

New track from the lads. Fat Freddys Drop are out on the winery tour circuit, and having fun, by the sounds of it.

"The first leg across the North Island and down South has been awesome!" Freddy's saxophone player Scott Towers aka Chopper Reeds told the NZ Herald.

"NZ rules! Days off playing golf and eating scallops, crayfish, flounder and even slow-cooked goat in the Hawke's Bay, swimming in the river at Mangatainoka and flinging the frisbee amongst the feijoa trees in New Plymouth. "

The Winery Tour heads to Nelson this Friday and Saturday, Blenheim on Sunday then up to the North Island for the final three shows in Tauranga, Auckland and Hamilton in March. Joined by The Adults, and Anika, Boh and Hollie.

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