Saturday, December 08, 2012

The hip to the hop: Kirsten Zemke

On this weekend at the Auckland Art Gallery, as part of Who Shot Rock & Roll: Kirsten Zemke on the hip and the hop in rock and roll. Free talk this Sunday, 3pm. More info here. "

Kirsten Zemke (Senior Lecturer in Ethnomusicology, the University of Auckland) is a recognised authority on several areas of modern music. Join Kirsten for an audio and visual talk that will trace the development of hip hop in America and its ongoing global influence."

Also on this Sunday at the Art Gallery auditorium, a free film screening of the hiphop documentary, Rhyme and Reason, made in 1997.

"This documentary explores the history of hip hop culture, how rap evolved to become a major cultural voice (and a multi-billion dollar industry), and what the artists have to say about the music's often controversial images and reputation."

The trailer below gives you an idea of who is featured... tho only going up to 97, it misses a lot out...

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