Monday, December 03, 2012

Grace and Bryan

Youtube poster says "Raw footage of Grace, at Mt Smart, opening before Bryan Adams, 12 Feb 1994. Greg Fleming and the Trains got the support (they're in the footage too, hanging out backstage), and Deepgrooves added in Grace on the bill."

The closing song is Grace playing Winter Madness, to a great response from the crowd. More on this gig over at the Deepgrooves website, which notes that Johnnie Cash was wandering round backstage at the Bryan Adams gig.

It's interesting to think that the audience had never heard that song - Grace's album was still a year away from coming out. But the band was able to pull out a response from the crowd, just from sheer showmanship. Grace certainly weren't new to the stage - all three brothers had spent time playing in their father's covers band as kids.

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