Monday, November 05, 2012

Toy Love wax arrives

I went to Real Groovy on Saturday (took some photos, see above), got a copy of the incredible Toy Love vinyl, which comes in a double gatefold sleeve, all colour printing, with a huge booklet with extensive liner notes, AND a free bonus 7". Hats off to John Baker and co for pulling this together. Well done.

The live bands during the day were great fun, have found a few clips and added below, including the raucous punk delight of Grrlfriendz, and Delaney Davidson, who also did an amazing, spooky, slowed-down blues take on Snapper's Buddy.  The groovy organ-driven sound of Wellington's Manta Rays was mighty fine, and Heart Attack Alley were very enjoyable, their album has just come out too, on vinyl. Each band was asked to do a Toy Love cover as part of their set.

I also picked up Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam - Head  to toe ($2), Madhouse - 8, which is Prince doing a jazz album ($2), Isaac Hayes - Juicy fruit LP ($8), and Nathan Haines - Shift Left cd ($6). Fun day out! Thanks to everyone involved in making it happen, and shout out to all the music heads I ran into at Groovy.

ADDED I caught up with Simon Grigg at Real Groovy, he blogged a bit about Toy Love over here.

Also, the NZ Herald report the new Toy Love vinyl hit the album charts, debuting at #15 on the back of around 1000 copies selling.

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