Friday, November 02, 2012

Homebrew feel the love

Homebrew's Tom Scott and goat. Photo: Dean Purcell/NZ Herald

Homebrew won best Urban/Hiphop Album at the NZ Music Awards last night, but missed out on their other nominations. Apparently middle NZ was surprised and shocked when the band burst into their living rooms via the television set.

David Clarke @maori_bynature: "if last nights #NZVMA taught me anything its that if it #homebrew is the future of #NZHIPHOP we're screwed!"

Mathew Grocott @mathewgrocott: "What did HomeBrew do (other than perform crap music) that was so offensive? #lazyweb"

Trespassingghost @coconutghost007: "I wasn't outraged at Homebrew, just embarrassed at how shit they were"

Joseph Moore @josephmoore1: "What's with ppl dissing Homebrew for last night? 'I wish the Music Awards just happened without incident! That's what I want to watch!' "

Fa Muna @TK_Muna: " lastnight's nz vmaz were so not worth the wait ! seriously wanted to jump into the tv screen and knock homebrew into a coma."

And what did Homebrew make of all this?

Music with Substance @djsubstancenz " We did what we do. Are you guys new? #Laugh"

Sorry. @HazTweetz "You should've won this you should've won that. Shut the fuck up! We won what we wanted to win!"

Home Brew @homebrewcrew: "All we're ever gonna be remembered for is a goat."

Watch it on demand on TVFOUR, part one here, part two here. 
Homebrew acceptance speech at 37mins, performance near start of pt 2

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