Wednesday, November 07, 2012

DLT - One love

I found this video on a vhs compilation of nz music videos called Screenage Kicks, released by BMG and put together by Chronic/Stuart Broughton, around 1997 (no release date on the vhs or cover pictured below).

DLT featuring the splendid vocal talents of Mighty Asterix, who appears on a few tunes on DLT's classic album The True School, which is sadly not currently available. This needs a reissue! 

The video is directed by Marcus Ringrose / V8. Spot the cameos from Tame Iti, Kirk Harding, and a couple of Gregs and a few Supergroovers and a Headless Chicken....  some nice shots down Tuhoe country too...

Screenage Kicks cover art


Robyn Gallagher said...

Thanks for getting this online! I'm also rather excited by the videos tracklist? Do you have plans to digitise any more? I'm missing the Semi Lemon Kola, Second Child, Breathe vids, and Joint Force if Static Part 2 is different to the Part 1 vid (which I think it is).

And this reminds me - I really need to get around to digitising the box of compilation videos NZOA loaned me.

Robyn Gallagher said...

Actually, I've just realised the Semi Lemon Kola video is online, but the others are still MIA.