Tuesday, October 02, 2012

MCOJ and Rhythm Slave, live 92

Shot at the Powerstation, uploader writes that "I shot this because the Manager of supergroove paid for the camera hire. However I as i got slightly more drunk the ability to shoot straight wore off."

Here's what NZ music retail looked like in 1992, via Billboard magazine, cassettes outselling CDs.. In the article, Roger Marbeck of Marbecks says CDs make up 46.8% of sales, and has surpassed cassette sales for the first time (at 44.3%).

PLUS, go read Graham Reid's writeup for Billboard on the state of NZ music in 92... He says "If any one album could be seen to symbolise what has happened in the small but vigorous NZ market in the last 12 months, it would be "What can we say" by rap duo MC OJ and Rhythm Slave..."  AND there's a pic of my old band, Hallelujah Picassos too....

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Robyn Gallagher said...

I switched from buying cassettes to CD after a 1993 visit to the mighty Tower Records in Hollywood. They didn't stock cassettes, just row after row of lovely CDs.

The thing that still outrages me is that CDs always seemed to cost about $10 more than cassettes. Originally this was justified because it was a new format, but that pricing level was kept when CDs outnumbered cassettes. It's only been in recent years with the competition of digital that CD prices seem to have significantly dropped.