Thursday, August 02, 2012

Walls of steel

I got my hands on a stash of Deepgrooves CDs  earlier this week, and have been digging my way thru them. Found a Jules Issa mini-album I've never heard before. And this gem popped out...

Ermehn - Walls of steel (radio mix) off the Deepgrooves cd single from 1995.  This is a different version from the one on Ermehn's 1998 album Samoans Pt II. Additional vocals from The Fieldstyle Orator (now known as Tha Feelstyle). Produced by DJ Nasty Nige/DJ Mamafa. Recorded and mixed at The Lab by Chris Sinclair. 

DJ Nasty Nige was later known as DJ Sub-Zero, and DJ Mamafa was an alias for Manuel Bundy. Thanks to Manuel for that info re DJ names.


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