Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Clash Canada Undertones

In which a random English girl talks about being a ligger, Kosmo Vinyl counts the number of ripped out seats at the venue post-show, and Joe Strummer disses the Buzzcocks  - "they're getting sloppy in  their old age." Then The Undertones turn up and explain what life is like in Northern Ireland, with a toy machine gun...

"Complete interview segment of the Clash backstage at the O'Keefe Centre in Toronto, Canada with the Undertones which was originally broadcast on CITY TV's New Music Program in 1979. The New Music was hosted by J.D. Roberts (aka CNN's John Roberts) and Jeanne Bekker. "

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thewaymouth said...

TYSVM 4 posting. Wild wacky stuff.

Plus, quite the coincidence too, what with Joe complaining about bootleggers. I am just now about to post the FLAC of a "pirated" audience bootleg (albeit from a non-commercial CDR) of The Clash at O'Keefe 1979, over at ZOMB torrents. I wish Joe was here right now to strangle me with recording tape. But I feel good knowing that once it gets by him and it out there for folks to hear, he is OK with it.

BTW could that "random English girl" just be joking there, and be none other than famous rock n roll photographer, Pennie Smith? Did she ever go as a blond? She was on that tour with the boys. She seems to know their history, too. Just a thought.