Thursday, June 28, 2012

White Stripes free screening

White Stripes at Freemans Bay Primary. Spot the school piano on the right
"October 2003 - The White Stripes are touring the world in support of their acclaimed fourth album 'Elephant', which contains their massive world-wide hit 'Seven Nation Army'. 

Jack and Meg had always wanted to play at an elementary school, and finally got the opportunity at Freemans Bay Primary School in Auckland.

They played seven songs during an intimate lunchtime show for the pupils and staff in the school's auditorium, all recorded on one VHS camera. There was little advance warning and no media present.

The footage taken that day has never been released before. It is now being issued as part of Third Man Records 'Vault' series.

Real Groovy Records are pleased to announce they will be holding an in-store, one time only public screening of this unique performance on Thursday the 28th of June at 7pm. Admission is free."

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