Saturday, June 23, 2012

Ring The Alarm playlist, BaseFM, June 23

Noiseshaper - Moving together
Slim Smith - Rougher yet
Mike Brooks - Children of Babylon
Horace Andy - Fever
Daddy Ous - Hard like a rock - Groove corp remix
Roots garden and Dark Angel - Free da mind
Freddie Cruger - Running from love - Internal dread mix
Love grocer - Salute to Sam
J-Live -Not satisfied
Scrappy - Off the lead
PD syndicate - Ruff like me - Shy FX and T Power remix
Rebel MC - Comin on strong
Solomonic sound - Children of Israel - Blakdoktor version
Freddie Mcgregor - Rastaman camp
Sugar Minnott - Mr DC
Buju Banton -Champion
Moody boyz - Destination Africa - 106 bush version
Roberto Carlos - O Calhambeque - XRS remix
The makers - Don't challenge me
Concept neuf - The path - Sofrito edit
Jet Jaguar - Radio rhodes (playing live in Akld July 5 at Golden Dawn, free)
Syreeta - I love every little thing aboout you
Esther Phillips - Just say goodbye
Hackney colliery band - No diggity
Edwin Starr - HAPPY radio
Overproof sound system - Kingstep - Unitone hifi remix
The Midnights - Regeneration - Dub Asylum remix (Free download)

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