Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Phil Cohran and Hypnotic Brass

We're getting a visit by The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble very soon, but check this clip above... recorded live as part of Another Honest Jon's Chop Up at the Fiesta des Suds, Marseille, 30 October 2011.

The new album by Kelan Philip Cohran (85 years young!) & his sons, who make up The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, is out now on Honest Jon's Records. Hat tip to Egotripland for the vid below.

01. Cuernavaca
02. Stateville
03. Frankincense And Myrrh
04. Aspara
05. Ancestral
06. Spin
07. Zincali

Via icrates.org: The Artistic Heritage of Kelan Phil Cohran.

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