Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mr Thing, spinning near you

This month, former Scratch Pervert, ITF Euro Team Champion, World DMC Team Champion, UK DMC Champion, champion record nerd and general good egg, Mr Thing is coming downunder from the UK. Playing in Queenstown, Wanaka, Wellington and Auckland.

Known popularly as Mr Thing, this supreme disc jockey first started DJing in 1987. He said recently- "the first hip-hop record I bought was Streetsounds Crucial Electro, first import 12" was BDP "Poetry", first actual record was ... [cringing] Adam & The Ants "Kings Of The Wild Frontier".

[dunno why he's ashamed of Kings of the wild frontier, it's a great pop record, but whatevs...]

From these humble beginnings Mr Thing went on to become one the world's finest DJs as testified by the following accomplishments. ITF - Euro Team Champion (Scratch Peverts) 1998 / DMC TEAM WORLD CHAMP (SCRATCH PERVERTS) 1999 / DMC UK CHAMP 2000 / DMC WORLD 3RD PLACE 2000.

Marc (Mr Thing) Bowles didn't stand still with spinning records. Alongside amassing a fantastic record collection from digging trips across every continent, he practiced his production skills and has gone on to remix and produce records for a credible assortment of UK acts. 

Wed 27th June, Subculture, Queenstown; local support from Hudge and Downtown Brown
Thu 28th June, Opium, Wanaka; local support from Hudge and Downtown Brown
Friday 29th June, San Francisco Bath House, Wellington; local support from Hudge, Marek, Omega B, Dam-G and Bucks a Pop (Tickets here, or door sales)
Saturday 30th June, Rakinos, Auckland; local support from Hudge, Jerm and T-Rice
(door sales only for all shows except Welli)

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