Monday, May 07, 2012

Sure shot

This is a great piece from New York magazine, put together at the time of the release of Hot Sauce Committee Pt 2 in 2011."To mark that occasion, a look back at the birth of the Beastie Boys sound, as told by the people who lived it." It's an oral history of the early days of the Beastie Boys career, from 1981 to 87.

Hear from the band, Bad Brains' Darryl Jennifer, Dante Ross, Thurston Moore, Run and DMC. And Molly Ringwald, who was dating Adam Horowitz. She recounts the time she drank the Beasties under  the table while on tour, in 86.

Run DMC took them on tour as their opening act in 86... DMC: "For the first couple of days of the tour, the towns we were playing were in Alabama, Florida, Tennessee—this was the black South. We expected to hear boos, so we were reluctant to be on the side of the stage, to see them get disappointed.

"But then from the dressing room, we’d hear “Yeaaaaaah! Yeaaahhh!” It was the black audience, praising these dudes. The reason they were so good: It wasn’t white punk rockers trying to be black emcees. They wasn’t talking about gold chains or Cadillacs. They were white rappers rapping about what they did. Real recognize real."

And then there's this....


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