Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Shihad slow mo

The Shihad documentary Beautiful Machine opened nationwide last Thursday. I saw film industry type Ant Timpson (48 Hour film challenge/Incredible Film Fest) comment on it via social media earlier today, noting it was on 50 screens and had an average of 5 people per screening... which suggests maybeit should have been a film festival entry, rather than a mainstream release...

Ant says "... Where are all the Shihad fans? Your fave band's doc BEAUTIFUL MACHINE is tanking at the box office! $450 per/screen average! $25k on 50 screens. That's like 5 people per session. And the western GOOD FOR NOTHING which garnered lots of coverage & good reviews.. has barely trotted to $140k.... Want to lose all your money? Just make a film for the NZ market. Time to think global. Why would you ever release theatrically in NZ any more. Homevid is dead so why bother with a local theatrical profile? There are better ways to help your movie. "

Shihad are in talks with Jaz Coleman, who wants them to play in Egypt.

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