Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pacific Music Award winners

Kas Futialo. Photo: John Selkirk/Fairfax NZ 
The Pacific Music Awards were announced this evening. Congrats to David Dallas, Adeaze, Bella Kalolo and especially Kas Futialo, aka Tha Feelstyle, for winning two awards, including Best Pacific Language Album, for Good Morning Samoa.

Of course it's Samoan Language Week, AND Samoa's 50th anniversary celebrations of its independence right about now... Someone should shout Kas a plane ticket to Samoa, he'd smash it after this...

Best Pacific Female Artist - Bella Kalolo
Best Pacific Male Artist - David Dallas
Best Pacific Urban Artist - Adeaze
Best Pacific Group - Adeaze
Best Pacific Music Album - Kas Futialo, Good Morning Samoa
Best Pacific Song - Adeaze, Paradise
Best Pacific Language Album - Kas Futialo, Good Morning Samoa
Best Pacific Gospel Album - Mutalau Ululauta Matahefonua Trust Choir, Lologo Tapu Tokiofa Mutalau Niue - Taofi Lologo 5
Radio Airplay Award - Brooke Fraser, Betty
Lifetime Achievement Award - The Keil Isles
Most Promising Artist - Giant Killa
People's Choice Award - Ria

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