Monday, May 28, 2012

Horified one

From Dam Native, 1996. Watch out for a quick shot of Tha Feelstyle in the middle of this, at 1.50, with Dei Hamo beside him. Looks like a shot from the video for Walls of Steel by Ermehn, with the Feelstyle guesting, from memory. And the closing sample is BDP.

More on the story of why Tha Feelstyle appears on 5000ways. A commenter says "If you look closely, you can see us shooting the Ermhen video in the background and if you look closely in Ermhen’s Walls Of Steel video, you can see Rongotai [Lomas] shooting this video for DN. Rongotai had taken a space in the Lister Building near Kaiun and we co-ordinated to shoot both videos on the same day. This kind of thing also occurs in some other videos as well re: Phil Fuemana and Herman."

BONUS: also reviewed on 5000ways - Behold my kool style, and The Son.

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