Monday, May 07, 2012

Homebrew #1 debut

Homebrew's album has debuted at number one on the album charts. Last local hiphop act to do that was in 2003. Congratulations, boys, you made it!

Having wrapped up their 48 hour album launch this morning at 10am, word on Twitter is the boys are off out again tonight to celebrate. They are hardy buggers.

@Kidz_In_Space: "Just drove past@HazTweetz [Haz] on K rd raising his arms in victory."

Now, I better go buy a copy of it this week so it stays at number one, aye. Roll on payday.

ADDED Michael Upton (Jet Jaguar, Montano) has written a great piece called All Home Brew's producers' other releases,  including Christoph El Truento, Si Res, Soul Chef, Fire and Ice (David Dallas) and more. 

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