Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Happy birthday Dirty Rec!

Local hiphop label Dirty Records celebrates its tenth birthday this month, with a special party on Friday night, featuring the label's leading lights - P Money, David Dallas, Scribe, PNC, Frontline and more.

Dirty Records was founded by P-Money with Kog's Callum August in 2001. He'd made a name for himself on the DJing scene, after winning a bunch of DJ titles at various competitions - he won the ITF NZ champs two years in a row.

He wanted to move into production, and I interviewed him for the February 2001 issue of NZ Musician - read that interview here. excerpt..."I got a Boss Dr Rhythm DR660 drum machine, after much persuasion of my father - 'Dad, I want a drum machine for Christmas!' It was that and my birthday present and half my own money. That was in my last year of high school. I was fully into making beats and I had a good turntable set-up by then." P-Money left school, got a job in a fish and chip shop, and saved up to buy a Tascam 07 four-track. He also had a toy keyboard from when he was a kid...

P-Money has written a piece on the start of his label, over on his blog... here's an excerpt...

"... Enter ‘The Professor’, one of the Drive show DJs at BFM who would often play and support my tracks. He spoke of a local independent record label by the name of Kog Transmissions that specialized in electronic music whom he thought I should meet with. Truth be told, at the time I had little knowledge of or care for local electronic music (my head was firmly stuck in hip-hop, funny how things change!) but on The Prof’s advice and encouragement we had the meeting.

I played my music and pitched them the idea of putting out an album of tracks similar to the demo’s I had been recording and successfully spinning on the radio. The crew at Kog were receptive to me but more skeptical of the potential of local rap music. They knew little of the genre and feared that Kog was not the right label to release such a project. I detected their reservations and pitched an even bolder idea. Which was to let me release the record through their company but under a different brand, in a sense creating a ‘sub-label’ scenario.

I’m sure there was a lot of debate as to the validity of my proposal but fortunately I had one champion inside Kog who would become my greatest ally and a life-long friend, Mr. Callum August. Callum was a lanky, weed smoking, skate board riding employee (read: mostly unpaid volunteer) at Kog who by some twist of fate or naive confidence was able to convince the rest of the board to take a chance on this album project and establish our yet unnamed rap ‘sub-label’. And they did..."

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