Thursday, May 24, 2012

Find the audience

This looks like a cool project, launching soon.. via

" Next week the public will be able to discover new, unreleased New Zealand music on an exciting new level, not seen in NZ before.

All will be unveiled next Thursday 31st May at 8am. This socially interactive music website specifically focuses on songs that have not been commercially released, and supporting up-and-coming NZ artists.

Theaudience will create a central point for new and emerging artists to showcase their music and to connect and communicate directly with new fans.

And for fans of new NZ music, it will be an exciting and easy way for you to discover fresh local music, and support artists in a really exciting way.

If you are a musician and reading this, you should be involved! Email for more information."

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Miss Ren said...

Thanks Peter! Artists can now go straight to the following link and get involved -