Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bits n pieces

The Five Most Priceless 45s In Kenny Dope's Collection, via Village Voice. Here's one of em, the hardest hitting tune you gonna hear all day....

How vinyl records & big data make Spotify sound better: "... some of Spotify’s knowledge about music is powered by data that has been accumulated by DJs and other fans of the analog music format, thanks to a new deal between the big music data provider The Echo Nest and online music resource"

Masters at 45: using albums to create spinning artwork...

Kimbra in NYT - A New Zealand Star Greets US Fans in Person, from the New York Times, This story was picked up locally, and ended up with this headline: Kimbra could be 'the new Prince'. 
The article quotes Rob Cavallo, chairman of Warner Brothers Records, saying "Kimbra's a real artist, and I envision her having a 15-to-20-year career. She has the potential to be like Prince. That's how strong her musicality is." Which isn't him saying she could be the new Prince. Slight misinterpretation, there.
The NYT article notes that "In November [last year] the label put her together with three proven American producers: Mike Elizondo, Greg Kurstin and Mark Foster, who also is the frontman of Foster the People. The United States release will have six new songs. "

Via Twitter from Simon Grigg, who says "Why did Spotify take so long to get to NZ? Blame ARIA in OZ (NZ was ready ages ago)Read more here: Kate Vale and Renee Chambers explain why they waiting so long to launch Spotify, while ARIA's Dan Rosen explains what it means for the charts.

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