Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Record Store Day love

Happening again on April 21, first out of the blocks is a very limited vinyl release from Toy Love.

Via Cheese on Toast: "Real Groovy will be the very first NZ record store to release vinyl specifically to celebrate International Record Store Day this April 21st – with a strictly limited run of 400 vinyl double albums (200 on pink vinyl; 200 on black) capturing the legendary Toy Love performing one of their last live shows – nearly 32 years ago on Friday 12th September 1980 at The Gluepot in Ponsonby, Auckland.

There will be NO digital or compact disc release of this item.

Fifteen / Blackboard Grin / Unscrewed Up / Amputee Song / Toy Love Song / I Wanna Die WIth You / Don’t Catch Fire / Bedroom / Photographs of Naked Ladies / Lust / Second to Last Song Toy Love Ever Wrote / Sheep / Swimming Pool / Fast Ostrich / Good Old Joe / I Thought I Needed You / I’m In Love / Green Walls / Horror Comic / Rebel / Cold Meat/ Don’t Ask Me / Squeeze / I Don’t Mind / Ain’t It Nice / The Crunch / Death Rehearsal / Bride of Frankenstein / Pull Down the Shades

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